Hettich is known throughout the world as a manufacturer of high-quality centrifuges. Indeed, our centrifuges, however, are used in medical laboratories, research institutes and in industrial labs. Laboratory personnel value Hettich equipment because of its long service life, good design and ergonomics. Our centrifuges have been proven in use for more than 100 years. We make everything ourselves. We carry out our own research and development, design our equipment, make prototypes, tools, rotors, casings and manufacture the centrifuges and accessories in Tuttlingen. Our personnel constantly develop innovative special solutions for our customers. There are currently almost 20 models in our centrifuge range, with numerous variants, from the small manual centrifuge through to high-performance floor-standing models for large laboratories.

  • Hettlite Pipette
  • EBA 200
  • EBA 280/280S
  • EBA 270
  • Hematokrit 200
  • Mikro 200R
  • Rotofix 32A
  • Universal 320R
  • Hett Cube